• research and development of new laser and optoelectronic materials

  • theoretical research and modeling of generation dynamics for various types of waveguide/fiber lasers and lasers based on second- and third-order nonlinear media

  • theoretical and experimental research in modeling of passive and active optical nanostructures based on metamaterials, including hyperbolic metamaterials

  • searching for new applications for nanophotonic circuits and systems

  • design, construction and testing of lasers and fiber amplifiers

  • design and characterization of optical fiber photonics elements (passive and active) and optical fiber systems

  • design and characterization of integrated photonics circuits (ASPICs)

  • design and testing of photovoltaic systems

  • 2D and 3D television systems

  • development of image processing and analysis methods for video monitoring systems in security systems

  • design and testing of imaging systems for the VIS-IR-THz range

  • testing of electronic and optoelectronic elements, circuits and systems in the radio and microwave band

  • processing of radio frequency (RF) signals in the optical domain.


Head of the Optoelectronics Division
Ryszard Piramidowicz, PhD, DSc

tel: (+48) 22 234 1466
Electrical Engineering Building (GR), room no. 128

Optoelectronics Division website: http://zo.imio.pw.edu.pl